Bird calls fill the air, a slight lingering smell of burnt wood, rises from the ashes of a recent fire. Over all a cloud-filled sky masks the blue beyond. Mountains and tree-lines reach from a horizon etched by the water of the loch,whose ripples drift into a seaweed-clad shore. Sunlight breaks through in occasional bursts, […]

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Senior moments rule ok

The plan was to go to Culross. En route to the bus station, I googled the bus times and connections and thought I had to get a bus to Dundee. First SENIOR moment of the day. Had I thought about it after looking at my National Trust guide I’d have realised that Dundee was nowhere […]

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Over the sea to Skye

Travelling to an island invariably means waiting in a queue on a departure pier, chatting to fellow travellers and trusting that for any reason, however obscure, the ferry will not be delayed or cancelled.Many many times I’ve been there, when stormy weather has denied sailing, or a technical fault has made the journey seemingly impossible. […]

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When sleep is elusive

The clock ticks the seconds past Leaving behind the day that was Awakening the day to come In measured moments. Time never stops, waits around, stands still Much as we’d like it to. Time is the place we have to live in, make our journey in, spend our talents in. It is ours briefly and […]

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Today in Melbourne the mercury is set to rise to 40 degrees. I guess my brother will have to chill in his air-conditioned office and apartment between cycles to and from. I trust the pavements and cycle paths remain melt-free! Here of course, we’ve just exited a week of freezing temperatures accompanied by heavy snowfalls, […]

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No news is good news

Over the last three weeks, given that my attentions have been elsewhere, I haven’t watched a news broadcast on TV. I haven’t missed it, not one bit. All news is fed in so many ways, through Facebook and twitter, and that has kept me up to date to an extent. The horror of terrorist attacks […]

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Generations apart

Marshall has been with us over the last week and a bit, and what a tonic he is especially if he serves gin with it!! He has struck up a friendship with our neighbour Hamish who is more of a comic than a tonic, but nevertheless, the pair have got on like a house on […]

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